Welcome to BUS171!

BUS171 is an introduction course designed to expose first year students to the information systems environment, issues, and challenges, of modern organizations. Hands on exercises, such as business process analysis, recording and building an Excel macro, migrating data from Excel to Access, building forms and queries in Access, creating websites, implementing and tracking Google Analytics data, and visualizing data exploration using Tableau, are designed to create deep learning, and cultivate professional skills. The team project engages the student in an analysis and innovation project with a professional organization. Expert speakers, company visits, and the final poster conference allow the students to experience imagine professional applications of the skills and concepts.

Course Description
This course explores basic concepts of communication networks (e.g., the Internet), hardware, software, databases, and systems. Students apply information systems to decision making, communication, collaboration and coordination in the operations of contemporary organizations. Students gain skills in word processing, presentation software, data visualization, spreadsheets, and relational databases. Pre-requisite: BUS105

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Describe key elements of Information Systems in organizations
2. Explain business value of Information Systems
3. Define basic concepts in Information Systems
4. Demonstrate applications of Information Systems to decision making, communication, and coordination
5. Demonstrate foundational competency in word processing, presentation software, data visualization, Excel spreadsheets, relational databases, website creation, and social media.

Rachel Chung, Ph.D., Chatham University
Professor Rachel Chung, Director of Business Programs at Chatham University, is passionate about engaged scholarship and evidence-based decision making. Her research activities range from fundamental issues in Knowledge Management Systems and behavioral Cybersecurity, to community-based research that makes real differences in businesses and organizations. In 2016, Professor Chung serves on the program committee of the Big Data and Analytics EdCon conference, and associate editor for the Big Data, Business Analytics and Decision Support track of the 2016 European Conference for Information Systems (ECIS). Courses Professor Chung teaches include BUS577: Information Systems and Analytics (MBA), BUS171: Information Systems and Operations (college-level), BUS213: Digital Marketing in the Global Marketplace, BUS213: Database Design for Environmental Sustainability, and IND250 (one-credit PRO): Careers for the Digital Age.